Is your gift arriving late?

Blame it on a last-minute order, the weather or the post office's backlog – we get it, and we've got a solution!

We completely understand the significance of gift-giving timelines, especially for gifts tied to special events and occasions!

To alleviate any inconvenience, we’ve got you covered with our free downloadable and printable cards. These cards are a simple yet thoughtful way to inform your recipient that their gift is on its way, even if it won't arrive on time.

They’re designed to be printed out at home, so you can easily customize them with your own message and give them to your recipient as a heartfelt apology for the delay.

How it works:

The cards come in a variety of designs, so you can choose one that best fits your style and the occasion.

  1. Simply download the PDF file
  2. Print out the card you like the most on your home printer
  3. Fold the paper twice (first horizontally, then vertically) and voila a pretty folded card

Feeling fancy? Print it on thicker card stock for an upscale touch.

Want to add something extra special? Contact us for a custom PDF with a preview image of the purchased gift in card.

We added both black & white and minimalistic designs - so even if you’re low on ink or without a color printer, you’ll still have a great-looking card!

Remember that the gift-giving season can be a bit hectic, but it’s also a wonderful time for gratitude and compassion. Your loved ones will understand if their gift is a little delayed.