How to track your order

See the status of your order and follow its progress right to your doorstep!

1. Check your email

Your order confirmation email from has a link to your personalized tracking page for your order.

We'll update this page with your order information and when your order is complete*, any tracking numbers for your order.

*Please allow us 2-4 business days to complete your order, ensuring it receives the love it truly deserves.

Need help finding your personalized tracking page? Lookup your order

2. Receive updates or check order tracking page

We'll email you tracking information when you order is complete and shipped out. You may receive multiple tracking numbers for multiple-item orders.

You can track your order in multiple, convenient ways:

✔️ Use the link included in your email to track your shipment on the carrier's website or subscribe to their tracking updates via text or email (when available).

✔️ Use your personalized order tracking page to see all tracking numbers for an order in one location. Click the tracking number links to view shipments on carrier's website. We email you a link to this page after ordering.

✔️ Use the Shop App to track your purchase

We rely on the carriers to provide updates on your shipment's progress and to make every effort to deliver your order within the expected timeframes.

3. Prepare for delivery

We'll email you when the carrier scans your shipment out for delivery and marks it as delivered.

If shipping issues arise or something seems awry, please don't hesitate to reply to any of your order emails or reach out about your order. We'll see what we can do to help!