43 Heartwarming 'Letters To My Child' Keepsake Journal Ideas

When it comes to capturing special moments in your child's life there's no better way to do it through your eyes and into their own personalized journal!

That's why we offer the "Letters To My Little Girl" and "Letters To My Little Boy" keepsake notebooks for parents to write memories, moments and more.

This journal is completely open so that you can write what you want, when you want as little or as often as you want. But with that much openness, sometimes we need just a little spark to help get the ideas rolling.

So - what you can write in your personalized journal? Here is a list of our favorite ideas!

Write about the firsts

If you have an infant or baby, you can reflect on the firsts that you witness. While baby books let you write the date and cameras can let you capture the moment, writing down your proudness as a parent can embolden your little one.

Infants and babies

Here are some "firsts" you can reflect on and capture your thoughts for your little one to read about later on in life:

  • first breath
  • first smile
  • first babbling
  • first rolling over
  • first solid food
  • first sitting up
  • first steps

Older kids

If your child is older, you can still capture those special firsts! Here are some:

  • first day of school
  • first squabble with a sibling
  • first time they shared something of personal value with someone else
  • first time they made another child feel included
  • first time they put someone's needs before their own
  • first time they told a joke that genuinely made you laugh out loud

Tip! End your letters about any "firsts" with an encouraging note that will take the moment and span their lifetime like, "We know that you'll always be willing to try hard things and persevere just like today when you finally learned to walk! We're so proud of you."

Write about holidays

Holidays can be so much fun and are a great time to jot down memories. Will your child remember their first Christmas at grandmas? Maybe not - but you will. Write down how much they played with the wrapping paper instead of the actual gift or how they took a nap in grandpa's arms and he wasn't about to let anyone else share in the precious moment by giving the baby up.

These are memories that can connect your child to extended family and help build their concept of who they are as they grow by their connections to others.

Here are some fun, quick questions you can use to make for a sweet Holiday entry in your journal.


  • What kind of cake did they ask for?
  • What was their favorite food at that age?
  • What activities did they like most at that age? 


  • How early did they wake up on Christmas morning?
  • What ornament did they make for the tree this year?
  • Who did they make a Christmas gift for this year?
  • How many days in a row did they ask if it was Christmas yet?

Other Holidays

  • Who did they enjoy spending time with?
  • What special memories did they create?
  • What was something special you did just as a family?

Write about your wishes and prayers

Your love for your child knows no end. Take a moment once a year to write a quick note that speaks life into your child's future.

Here are some adjectives that we think of when we consider what we want for our own children. Maybe some of this can help you spark your own!

  • Your child's future relationships - strong, healthy, loving, steadfast
  • Your child's future family - fulfilling, joyful, committed
  • Your child's faith - unwavering, fulfilling, proven, wisdom

But don't let this list stop you! Write about your hopes and dreams for your child.

Use a sentence starter

Need just a little jump-start? Try one of these sentence starters anytime you just need a little spark.

  1. Today, I witnessed the most heartwarming moment when you...
  2. As I watched you trying to _____ today, my heart swelled with pride and excitement...
  3. It's incredible how fast time is flying. Just yesterday, you were babbling and cooing, and now you've started...
  4. You showed incredible curiosity today when you spent a good amount of time exploring...
  5. Today's playtime was extra special as you interacted with [another child, sibling] in the most adorable way...
  6. You insisted on helping me in the kitchen today. Watching you...
  7. [Insert Activity: ex: Bedtime stories] have become our favorite ritual. Tonight, as I read to you...
  8. My heart swells with love and gratitude every time I watch you sleep peacefully...
  9. Today, I couldn't stop smiling as I saw you attempting to...
  10. You surprised me with your creativity today when you...
  11. You made me laugh uncontrollably today when you imitated...
  12. The pride on your face was priceless as you [insert accomplishment] successfully for the first time today...
  13. Today's family outing was filled with wonder as you discovered...
  14. It's fascinating to watch you observe and learn from your [older sibling, friend, family member]...
  15. My heart melted when I saw you giving...

Speak to their gifts, personalities and uniqueness

Write down moments that make you proud and those moments when you see who your child is developing and who they were designed to be.

Perhaps these little lines can spark ideas for you to capture a precious journal entry for your son or daughter.

  • Watching you _____ with utter joy made my heart skip a beat
  • You made such a cute mess with the _____!
  • I can't help but reflect on the blessing you are in our lives
  • Your excitement was infectious, and we had a magical time together
  • Your capacity for love and affection never ceases to amaze me
  • It's heartwarming to see how much you enjoy simple pleasures
  • Seeing you explore the world fills me with awe
  • Your fascination with _____ reminds me to appreciate the little things in life
  • Today, you said _____, and I couldn't be more proud

It's your turn

We created this list just to help you get started - so don't worry about including all of them.

Just use them to help spark your first letter or two and we're sure that you'll continue to find just the right times to pick up a pen and write as the years go by.

If you need more room to write, we've got you covered with these journals!

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